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We at CPR have changed our focus, we no longer need to rescue any small dogs from any of the pounds that we serviced for the last 16 years around NSW, including Canberra/Queanbeyan and Goulburn and haven’t been for well over 12 months.  The reason being that the community are more educated in desexing/microchipping etc and many of the country pounds are vaccinating as soon as the dogs enter the pounds so the incidents of parvo are very low, also they are desexing the dogs/cats before they leave the pounds.  We really didn't think that the day would come where we became redundant, which is a great thing, any small dog that is impounded either goes home or is sold from the pound and these small dogs are few and far between, which is sad for people who are looking at wanting a small dog, but is great for the many rescue groups who can now shift their focus to other things like education.

We do still have a carer in Goulburn Fiona who is looking after that pound and some of the others in country NSW she does look after some bigger breeds and also kittens/cats. 

What we are still providing is help when people need to surrender their dogs, for various reasons, I have many people calling me for advice and help which keeps me pretty busy, we can offer advice on training, consulting a behavouralist, other groups that they can contact if the dog is breed specific or where they can/may have carers who can take their dog.

A couple of us carers can and do offer short term dog minding for our former foster dogs which we have been doing for a couple of years now, we know the dogs and their personalities and some people just don’t like putting the dogs in kennels, so we offer the comforts of home and the dogs know us so they settle much quicker that being in kennels and we love having them back if just for a short time. 

We are very proud of what we the carers in CPR have achieved over the 10 years we have been operating, all up it has been 16 years as we were with ARF for the first 6 years, so a long time, we have saved the lives of over 3-4000 animals over that time.

So time to concentrate on the other side of rescue and none of us are getting any younger so has come at a good time, I have met hundreds of people over the time, inspected thousands of homes, have made many friends as well, we are still here but in a different role.