How to adopt a CPR dog or cat


We are not a shelter; each of the animals you see listed with Canberra Pooch Rescue is in a loving foster home. They are given love, training and the attention they require. Our adoption process is not difficult.... it is aimed at assuring that you and your dog is a good match and will have a long and happy future together. We strive to make the best match for each dog within our organisation.  


To enquire about, or adopt, a dog or cat, please either phone or email a foster carer (using the contact details listed with the dog's or cat's description). The foster carer will ask about you, your family, and any other pets, about your lifestyle and accommodation, and about the type of dog or cat you want, so that they can help work out if the dog or cat you have selected is right for you.


Foster carers will also carry out a 'home check' where we look at fencing and shelter for the dog to make sure they are adequate, and advise on anything that needs to be done to make sure your dog will be safe and comfortable.


After this, you will be asked to sign an adoption agreement, and pay an adoption fee. You will also need to fill in a change-of-ownership form for the microchip.