Adoption Fees

The adoption fee for each dog and cat can be different. Our carers operate independently, and set their adoption fees based on recovering costs, which includes vet work, tests, medications and other costs associated with rescuing a dog or cat. Fees for older dogs or cats are often reduced to below the cost of their vet work.


Besides the love and companionship of your new friend, the adoption fee includes the following vet work:


CPR pawheartdesexing

CPR pawhearthealth check

CPR pawheartvaccination

CPR pawheartworming

CPR pawheartmicrochipping



(check the description for each dog or cat to confirm what is included in the adoption fee)

As we are a volunteer organisation funded entirely by contributions, we count on your continuing support as well as your adoption fees to help defray the costs of vet costs and caring for our foster animals. We are delighted to accept any amounts over these minimum fees to help other dogs in our care.